Age: 7 to adult
Players: Whole Group
Time: 5 – 10 minutes
Skills: Decision Making, Speaking and Listening, Team Building

A fast and effective way of discovering everybody’s opinions about a subject.

Set up two chairs a long way apart and put a sign on them saying ‘Agree’ and ‘Disagree’. Read out a statement and ask everybody to choose a place to stand in between the chairs that they feel represents their view. The nearer they stand to one of the chairs, the stronger the opinion they are expressing. Those who don’t know, are open-minded or don’t want to say can move towards the middle. Emphasise that everybody’s point of view will be respected and encourage each person to decide for themselves. Give them a few moments to make their decision.

Once they have chosen their spot you can ask individuals why they chose to stand where they are. Gather a few opinions from different places in the line. Finally you can ask if anyone would like to change position now that they have heard differing points of view. Like Conscience Alley, the technique can be used to explore a decision faced by a character or more general moral dilemmas.

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Here are some ideas for statements you could use in the game:

  • I prefer cats to dogs
  • If you find money on the street you should be allowed to keep it
  • Precious jewels are more valuable than trees
  • It’s OK to borrow something from a friend without asking them
  • It’s better to get angry than to bottle it up
  • You can’t change your own personality
  • It’s impossible to be honest with everyone
  • The press should be allowed to find out about the personal lives of famous people
  • Old people just don’t understand young people. (or vice-versa)

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