Age: 7 to adult
Players: Whole Group
Time: 5-10 minutes
Skills: Creativity, Improvisation

An amusing and unpredictable way to quickly develop a scene.

The players stand in a circle and a theme is announced. One person steps forward and makes a freeze frame of an object or character related to the theme. As well as making the shape, the player should announce what she is, for example if the theme is the beach, she can say “I am a deck chair” or “I am a starfish”.

Other players add themselves into the scene by making objects or characters related to ones that are already there (announcing what they are each time) e.g beach towel, ice-cream, wave, sun, shark, swimmer, sunbather, beach ball. Everyone continues to hold their positions. The game ends when all players have stepped in or when enough ideas have been added. At this point the teacher says “Whoosh!” and the players step back to the edge of the circle.

Only one idea at a time should be added so that everyone can see and hear what is being included. Players should think about how their characters and objects relate to each other, how they can make interesting shapes and how they can use different levels (high, medium or low).

Director’s Tips

It’s best if players don’t plan but just keep throwing in new ideas. Instead of judging which objects and characters are ‘best’, try using the game as a brainstorming activity to create inspiring ideas for the group to choose from.


  • Two or more players can step in at the same time if they think of an object to make together
  • The director can say “Action!” and everyone brings the scene alive for a few moments through improvised sound and action
  • A soundscape can be created by the characters/objects
  • Use thought-tracking to find out what characters/objects are thinking
  • Ask players to add one or two adjectives to describe what they are
  • The game can be used to revise a topic, create ideas for writing or test comprehension of a story or play
  • It can be helpful to take photos of the finished stage picture for future reference
  • If you have a large group, it’s not necessary for everybody to step in – in fact it’s nice to have an audience. Those who didn’t take part can be the first to play in the next game.