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Age: 5 to adult
Players: Small Groups
Time: 10-30 minutes
Skills: Improvisation, Mime and movement

Mould your partner into whatever you want!

This is a simple and effective way for using freeze frames to tell a story. It mimics the technique of blackouts on stage – with no technical equipment required! Divide the class into small groups and give them the task of telling a story using a specific number of still images – between three and five images is a good number. Now they must work out the story and practice moving from image to image.

When the time comes for sharing the work, the teacher, or one person in each group, should take responsibility for saying ‘Open’ and ‘Close’. The audience should close their eyes while the first group gets into position. When the group has its first image ready, the designated person says ‘Open’. The audience open their eyes for a few moments and look at the scene. Now the same person says ‘Close’ and the audience close their eyes again.

Quickly, the group moves into the second position and the audience are asked to open their eyes when the group is ready. The process is repeated until all the still images have been shown. The technique has a similar effect to watching a series of photographs or a flickering film.

This technique is great fun and surprisingly effective.

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