From ‘101 Drama Games and Activities’

Age: 7 to adult
Players: Whole Group, Pairs
Time: 10 minutes
Skills: Concentration, Language Learning

A mime and language game that can be easily adapted for playing online with a partner.

Stand in a circle. The first person (A) starts miming an activity, such as eating an apple. The person to their left (B) says “What are you doing?”. A keeps miming and at the same time says the name of a different activity. For example, if A was miming eating an apple, they could say “playing the piano”. B then starts playing a piano. A stops their mime. Now the third person (C) asks B , “What are you doing?”. B keeps playing the piano and names a different activity, which C must mime. And so it goes on.

There should be no repetition and no similar activities. For example if you are miming climbing a ladder you cannot say, “climbing the stairs”. Equally you should not name an activity that looks like the one you are actually doing. For example, if you are cleaning a window you cannot say “waving good-bye” – because it looks very similar! Watch the video for more tips.

Director’s Tip

You can play this with a partner face to face or online. Person A mimes an activity, then person B asks ‘what are you doing?’. Person A suggests a different activity which B has to do. Then A asks B ‘what are you doing?’ and of course B has to suggest a new activity. This is a much faster version of the game but definitely works online and is a lot of fun!

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