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Age: 7 to adult
Players: Whole Group, Pairs
Time: 10 minutes
Skills: Concentration, Language Learning

A mime and language game that can be easily adapted for playing online with a partner.

Stand in a circle. The first person (A) starts miming an activity, such as eating an apple. The person to their left (B) says “What are you doing?”. A keeps miming and at the same time says the name of a different activity. For example, if A was miming eating an apple, they could say “playing the piano”. B then starts playing a piano. A stops their mime. Now the third person (C) asks B , “What are you doing?”. B keeps playing the piano and names a different activity, which C must mime. And so it goes on.

There should be no repetition and no similar activities. For example if you are miming climbing a ladder you cannot say, “climbing the stairs”. Equally you should not name an activity that looks like the one you are actually doing. For example, if you are cleaning a window you cannot say “waving good-bye” – because it looks very similar! Watch the video for more tips.

Director’s Tip

You can play this with a partner face to face: Person A mimes an activity, then person B asks ‘what are you doing?’. Person A suggests a different activity which B has to do. Then A asks B ‘what are you doing?’ and of course B has to suggest a new activity. This is a much faster version of the game and is a lot of fun!

Play Online

  • Play with the whole class online – Person ‘A’ does the first activity and calls out somebody else’s name. That person (Person ‘B’) asks “What are you doing?” and then has to do the activity announced by Player ‘A’. Person ‘B’ then calls out the name of another student to ask “What are you doing?”
  • Play in the normal way in pairs or small groups in breakout rooms
  • Or give every student a number and then play the game in that order

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Drama Games for Language Teaching (teenage to adult)

Drama Games for Language Teaching (teenage to adult)

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