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Age: 9 to adult
Players: Pairs/Small Groups
Time: 10 minutes
Skills: Improvisation, Verbal Expression

Sometimes three words are just enough.

Ask for two volunteers to improvise a scene where they both have to speak in three-word sentences. For example:

“Cup of tea?”
“I’d love that.”
“Here you are.”
“May I sit?”

Director’s Tips

  • Demonstrate the game with two or three pairs
  • The players may find it difficult to keep going for long until they realise that they don’t have to talk the whole time
  • Encourage them to allow plenty of action to occur in the scene so that they gain more thinking time
  • Once they start to get the idea you can divide the class into small groups so that everybody can try it

Play Online

  • This is easy to demonstrate online by playing with two students
  • Have a competition to see who can keep going the longest
  • Set a scene – who, what and where
  • Pairs or groups can try it in breakout rooms then come back to the main session to demonstrate their ideas

  • Want to try this game out? We play loads of games in our monthly Zoom Meetings which come as part of The Inspiring Drama Teacher course. We often come up with new ideas between us!

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