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Age: 7 to adult
Players: Whole Group
Time: 10 – 15 minutes
Skills: Creativity, Speaking and Listening

Put random words together to invent new concepts! Great storytelling warm-up

Sitting in a circle, the first player says a random word. The next player says an unrelated word. The following player has to give a definition as though the two words were the name of an object.

For example, let’s imagine that Billy says “water-skis” and Linda says “spaghetti”. Malcolm might say, “Water-ski spaghetti is a new kind of pasta that you eat underwater” – or “Water-ski spaghetti is when you get the lines from the boat tangled up and you fall off your skis” – or anything else he thinks of. Continue around the circle with another two words and a definition – and so on all the way round.

  • To keep players on their toes, pick people randomly from anywhere in the circle to give the two words and then the definition.

Play Online

You can easily adapt this for playing online, just choose players randomly or according to a list you paste into the chat box!

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