From ‘Drop of a Hat: Drama Lessons’ available now

Age: 5 to adult
Players: Pairs
Time: 5-15 minutes
Skills: Mime and Movement

A variation on the Mirror Game for younger students

Select two students to demonstrate the Mirror Game and label them A and B.
The pair should stand facing each other a short distance apart with an imaginary mirror between them.

  • A starts moving slowly and smoothly, while B tries to reflect A’s movements as accurately as possible
  • When they have got the hang of this, give a signal (ring a bell or clap your hands) for the leading to swap so that A is now looking in the mirror
  • Now start again and ask A to think of a type of pet. They should slowly make the movements and facial expressions of the animal
  • B copies the movements and afterwards guesses what the animal was

Now all the students are going to take it in turns to be different types of pet.

  • Divide the class into pairs and ask them to label themselves A and B
  • ‘A’ will be the first animal. Emphasise slow movements
  • After a while ask them to stop and guess the animal
  • Swap over. Partners pretend to be a different animal each time they swap
  • Ask a pair to show what they were doing (they should whisper to decide who is leading at first)
  • Give the signal to swap a few times then stop the activity and ask the students to guess who is leading at that moment and which animals they saw
  • Ask more pairs to show their ideas

The above is an extract from the latest book by David Farmer.

The reviews are in!

‘A flexible, varied book filled with engaging drama activities… for primary teachers, I would very much recommend ‘Drop of a Hat’ for its content, ease of use, and engaging activities, as well as for demonstrating how you can use drama to great effect in many areas of the curriculum… Secondary drama teachers will find the activities useful and many of the stimulus materials would be relevant at KS3 and 4.’
— Drama and Theatre Magazine (January 2020)


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