This week I’d like to share with you an activity from my Gruffalo Drama Lesson Plan. And I’d also like to share a wonderful movement video made by dance and drama teacher Amanda Dibble. Amanda is one of the students on our online course The Inspiring Drama Teacher. She has developed many videos for her own YouTube channel. In her Gruffalo video she teaches movement ideas for all the story characters and then tells the story with movements for children to join in with. You can watch her video below.

How To Make Friends (if you are a Gruffalo)

Age: 4-7 years
Players: Individual/Whole Class
Time: 10 – 15 minutes
Skills: Movement, Speaking and Listening, Role Play

Drama and Movement activities to do online or at home related to ‘The Gruffalo’

In my Gruffalo Drama Activities Download I introduce a number of ways to explore the story through role play, improvisation and movement. The teacher can easily take the role of different characters through movement or by putting on different hats. For example, the Mouse might say to the children: I know I acted bravely, but really I’m quite scared. Are you ever scared of anything? The teacher can draw out discussion from the children. In the following activity, the teacher plays the part of the Gruffalo. In this development of the story, the Gruffalo has realised he looks scary and would like to make friends with other animals.

How To Make Friends (If you are a Gruffalo)

Ask the children how you should behave when you meet other animals and what you can do to appear more friendly. Invite some of them to meet you in role as an animal. At first you can behave somewhat insensitively – growling or asking them if you look fierce.

Encourage them to try different ways of helping you to be friendlier such as teaching you how to smile without showing your scary fangs, for example. When they have got the hang of this you can ask one of the students to take over your role as the Gruffalo. Now you can use a simplified form of forum theatre where children try out different ways of making friends. Pupils in the audience can say “Stop!” whenever they think something isn’t working. Whoever says “Stop” can come forward and try out a new idea. This should generate a lot of ideas about making friends.

This can easily be played online as a class or one-to-one activity with children trying out different approaches with the teacher.

And now for Amanda’s movement and storytelling video!

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