Drama Strategies

These 21 Drama Strategies (aka drama techniques or drama conventions) can be used to explore virtually any theme.

Drama Games

Games for breaking the ice, physical warm-ups, group dynamics and creativity.

Mini Downloads

A range of short downloadable resources providing guidelines, tips and information about a particular area of drama

Drama Lessons

Below is a selection of drama lessons and units for primary-aged students, key stage one and two.


Ford Madox Brown painted 'Work' between 1852 and 1865. The painting is of a lively street scene in Victorian Hampstead, London and shows a group of navvies (road-diggers) hard at work as well as a spectrum of social classes ranging from the homeless and the unemployed to a chickweed-seller, an MP and political protestors.

3D Living Pictures

Bring pictures to life through freeze frames, thought tracking and improvisation.
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Anti-Bullying Drama Unit

Using drama to explore bullying issues, giving pupils the opportunity to try out anti-bullying strategies.
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Bringing Fairy Tales to Life through Drama

Ways to develop fairy and folk tales into rehearsed performances, improvisations, tableaux and oral storytelling.
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Commedia dell’arte

Commedia dell’ Arte began in the marketplaces of sixteenth-century Europe as improvised theatre which was rude, funny and satirical. It continues to influence theatre and comedy
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Practical, fun and easy-to-do drama activities linked to this evergreen story, suitable for 5-7 years.
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The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo

Simple ways to use drama activities to enhance storytelling of 'The Gruffalo'.
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The King's Sentence

The King’s Sentence

A lesson plan for KS2 to explore how we can communicate non-verbally through gesture, body language and sign language.
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The Tiger Child - Drama Lesson for Key Stage 1 and Reception

The Tiger Child – Drama Lesson for Key Stage 1 and Reception

A range of drama and storytelling activities for reception and key stage 1 based on a traditional Indian folk-tale.
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World War Two Evacuees

Use media, drama strategies and a fictional story to explore the experience of World War Two evacuees.
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Even More Drama in the Primary Curriculum
If you have attended our ever-popular Drama in the Primary Curriculum course we know you will love this one – it is open to all and no prior knowledge is necessary. David Farmer will deliver several lesson plans from his forthcoming new book, suitable for KS1 and KS2.

Wednesday 6th February 2019, London >>