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Age: 7 to adult
Players: Small Groups
Time: 10 – 20 minutes
Skills: Improvisation, Mime, Verbal Communication

A presenter gives an illustrated talk – using human slides

Illustrated lectures, PowerPoint presentations and holiday slide shows can be somewhat tedious. This activity gives us a great way to liven them up.

Ask each group to prepare a presentation on a particular theme. One of them will be the presenter and the others will “be” the slide show. The presenter has an imaginary remote-control which he presses to show the next slide. As the presenter goes through the speech, the other group members have to jump into position to make a tableau each time the remote-control is pressed. This should not be too thoroughly rehearsed as the element of surprise makes the presentation more entertaining. The ideas should be developed both by the presenter and the actors making the slides, who can add visual ideas to carry the story along.

Suggested themes:

★ A science lecture
★ A camping trip
★ A natural history documentary
★ A history lecture on a famous event

Play Online

You can play this game online by asking students to make dramatic slide show presentations with their families. They can dress up if they want. These can be presented as a series of photos which they upload or a short video with narration (and even music if they are feeling ambitious).

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