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Wed 25 February 2015   Primary Drama Across The Curriculum (Manchester)
Wed 10 June 2015 Primary Drama Across The Curriculum (London)

Coming soon - Directing Course on Sat and Sun August 1st and 2nd!

Drama Books by David Farmer

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All four drama books by David Farmer are now available from and

Game of the Week

  • Point Of View Point Of View
    Everybody learns a story and retells it from a different point of view. Begin by dividing the group into pairs and asking each person to tell a short anecdote to their partner – up to two minutes in length. Remind everybody to listen carefully to their partner’s story. Give a signal to stop after two minutes and swop over so that each person tells and hears a story. Now everyone finds a new partner. This time each person’s task is to tell the story that they were told. However, there is one...

Primary Drama Across The Curriculum - June 2015

Wednesday 10th June 2015
10:30am - 4:30pm at Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial Street, London E1
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This one-day drama INSET course with David Farmer immerses you in activities and ideas which you can take back and use immediately in the primary school classroom or drama club. The drama strategies can be used across the curriculum and are designed to meet statutory drama and literacy objectives.

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Drama Strategies

More... Conscience Alley    

Conscience Alley

A character walks down an alleyway formed by members of the class as they use persuasive arguments to help make a decision.

More... Hot Seating    

Hot Seating

A character is questioned by the group about his or her background, behaviour and motivation.

More... Still Images / Freeze Frames    

Still Images / Freeze Frames

Participants create physical shapes by using their bodies to represent people, objects or abstract concepts.

More... Role On The Wall    

Role On The Wall

Participants pool their ideas and develop understanding of a character, whether real or fictional, through written contributions to a drawing.

More... Teacher in Role    

Teacher in Role

The teacher (or other adult) assumes the role of a character to guide and develop students’ learning.

More... Soundscape    


The leader or one member of the group acts as conductor, whilst the rest of the group are the 'orchestra'.

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